Access Charger Wall Mounting Instructions – Guides you through the process of mounting your Access Charger to a wall or post using the included wall bracket and other methods

Access Charger Stand Mounting Instructions – Detailed instructions for installing your Access Charger on to an Ecotec stand and installing pogo style cable retractors

Access Charger Network Joining – How to join a new Access Charger to an existing Access Charger wireless network

BMU Pro Installation – Step by step guide to installing the BMU Pro battery module on your battery

BMU Network Joining – How to join your new BMU battery module to an existing Access Charger wireless network

Exporting Service Tool Data – How to export data from the Access Service Tool software to an Excel spreadsheet

Ecopoint Single Phase and Three Phase Input Connections – Detailed instructions for changing the input voltage connections on Ecopoint Chargers

New BMU Pro G2 Announcement – Rollout of new Battery Module for Access Chargers.


Best Battery Charger (4min 19sec)

The Access Charger Best Battery Choice First In/First Out system requires no additional hardware or software to be purchased.

BMU Programming Part 1

Basic Settings (9min 11sec)

BMU Programming Part 2

Advanced Settings (8min 37sec)



Basic Programming for Ecotec Access Chargers (1min 36sec)


Date and Time Programming for Ecotec Access Chargers (1min 53sec)


Equalize Programming Instructions for Ecotec Access Chargers (2min 29sec)


Charge Parameter Programming for Ecotec Access Chargers (3min 30sec)