Access Charger & BMU



The new Access charger from Ecotec provides you with a powerful, energy efficient battery charger in a sleek lightweight package. This is all accomplished utilizing a modern state of the art MOSFET power conversion circuit that efficiently and accurately converts AC power to the proper DC power levels required to precisely charge an industrial battery.

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  • Microcomputer Smart Charger
  • Charges all common battery types
  • High efficiency, 92%
  • High power factor, 0.95
  • Low weight and small volume
  • Advanced precision control for best battery life
  • Display and control panel permit simple programming
  • Archived charge data, 1,800 cycles
  • 480VAC 3 phase, 60Hz
  • 600VAC or 208-240VAC* units available
  • Wireless radio standard on all Access