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completely in a sentence

When the fluids inside a particle were mixed together, the particle was neutral; when they were more or less completely separated, the particle became magnetized to an intensity depending upon the magnetic force applied; the whole body therefore consisted of a number of little spheres having north and south poles, each of which exerted an elementary action at a distance. In some cases their ethnical relations have not yet been completely determined. Biting mandibles; second maxillae incompletely or completely fused; often forming a suctorial proboscis. blay_paul 1 2208453 Tom is completely alone. At length in the afternoon they suddenly fell upon Dupont's isolated division at Albeck, which was completely surprised and severely handled. But Napoleon's actions, especially the annexation of Genoa, at last brought the three powers to accord, with the general aim of re-establishing the status quo ante in Germany, Holland, Switzerland and Italy, or, in short, of restoring the balance of power which Napoleon had completely upset. My car was completely wrecked in the accident. It was hard to believe Josh left Lori out of his will completely. It is true that a catacomb is often connected with the earlier sand-quarry, and starts from it as a commencement, but the two are excavated in different strata, suitable to their respective purposes, and their plan and construction are so completely unlike as to render any confusion between them impossible. Japanese people have some verbs whose English equivalents are close to completely or absolutely, with some middle ground. Jessi froze, not completely connecting with the fact she stood in a place unlike the coastal southern California area. The stills were formerly completely bricked in, so that the vapours should be kept fully heated until they escaped to the condenser, but since the introduction of the " cracking process," the upper part has usually been left exposed to the air. Not only has the breed of cattle been improved, but the system of grazing has completely altered. When the subject came up, though, it was completely unplanned. The thought eased his concern without completely removing it. Yet he moved as if he were completely healed. A much more thorough appreciation than we yet possess of the phenomena in these cases is necessary in order completely to demonstrate the special characteristics of the holometabolous transformation. He changed his lifestyle completely in the aftermath of a near fatal heart attack. Rostov, who had completely forgotten Denisov, not wishing anyone to forestall him, threw off his fur coat and ran on tiptoe through the large dark ballroom. In the reign of Darius, however, the Susianians attempted to revolt, first under Assina or Atrina, the son of Umbadara, and later under Martiya, the son of Issainsakria, who called himself Immanes; but they gradually became completely Aryanized, and their agglutinative dialects were supplanted by the Aryan Persian from the south-east. He was completely obsessed by one persistent thought. Her fear proved completely wrong. Thus, you fail in delivering your message to your audience. Maybe she couldn't make the ugly beast go away completely, but she had learned to control it. So there's no concern these visions may stop completely? She gazed up at him, completely disarmed by his smile, and yet somehow proud that she had been the one to put it there. Her criticisms had the effect of discouraging him completely. However, there are certain chances of similar content is some places that could be rectified manually. By resource and dogged determination Wellington rose superior to almost every difficulty, but he could not overcome all; and the main teaching of the Peninsular War turns upon the value of an army that is completely organized in its various branches before hostilities break out. I guess that's the punishment for our roles in the Schism – being pushed aside and forced to watch, Eden said, referring to the war that severed the two realms completely from one another. The notopodium may be rudimentary or absent and the entire parapodium reduced to the merest ridge or even completely unrepresented. One could hardly expect that a colourless deity of this description, so completely the product of priestly speculation, could ever have found a place in the hearts of the people generally. Haydn finds the pianoforte so completely capable of expressing his meaning that he is at a loss to find independent material for any accompanying instruments; and the violoncello in his trios has, except perhaps in four passages in the whole collection of thirty-three works, not a note to play that is not already in the bass of the pianoforte; while the melodies of the violin are, more often than not, doubled in the treble. He sustained an injury which will take a month to heal completely.. By the end of the second day, she had adapted to the guests and felt completely at ease - a state that Claudette apparently wanted to shatter. Completely forgetting about the past is tossing away a valuable lesson. She shooed Sunny away from her half-eaten pancakes and paced the living room until light faded completely from the horizon. They say that characters were engraven on the bathing tub of King Tchingthang to this effect: "Renew thyself completely each day; do it again, and again, and forever again.". "Dolokhov, Mary Ivanovna's son," she said in a mysterious whisper, "has compromised her completely, they say. was forced to cede Shirvan and Kurdistan in 1611; the united armies of the Turks and Tatars were completely defeated near Sultanieh in 1618, and Abbas made peace on very favourable terms; and on the Turks renewing the war, Bagdad fell into his hands after a year's siege in 1623. I had the poison completely out of you. Thus the English canon of 1571 directs preachers "to take heed that they do not teach anything in their sermons as though they would have it completely held and believed by the people, save what is agreeable to the doctrine of the Old and New Testaments, and what the Catholic Fathers and ancient Bishops have gathered from that doctrine.". I connected the tumor – which was completely operable – with magic to her emotions. 115. Was he ignoring her, or was his mind completely occupied with grief at the moment? In the following year, however, the situation was completely altered, a result due to the growing anti-Polish feeling in the Duma and, more especially, to the support given by the Austrian Sla y s to the annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. His immense learning served him rather as a storehouse of illustrations, or as an armoury out of which he could choose the fittest weapon for discomfiting on opponent, than as a quarry furnishing him with material for building up a completely designed and enduring edifice of systematized truth. In higher forms the conducting strands of the leaves are continued downwards into the stem, and eventually come into connection with the central hydrom cylinder, forming a complete cylindrical investment apparently distinct from the latter, and exhibiting a differentiation into hydrom, leptom and amylom which almost completely parallels that found among the true vascular plants. He'd spent the past three nights in bed with another woman after completely destroying her whole world! The European country which had come the most completely under the influence of Arab culture now began to send forth explorers Spanish to distant lands, though the impulse came not from the Moors but from Italian merchant navigators in Spanish explora- service. (518-527) and the early years of Justinian, completely lost. On the of July the Prussians completely defeated the, ,, strians at Koniggrtz, and on the 5th Austria Led Venetia to Napoleon, accepting his, mediation gratz. Everyone that I knew was either so happy for me, or, Vane the Elder, on the King's Privy Council, remained, With his death the male line of the House of Valois had been, These six churches, while being in communion with each other are, But always he went the full length, crying until he was, The original treatise by Marinus of Tyre that formed the basis of Ptolemy's Geography has been, However, in cercopithecoids and in hylobatids, the transverse processes are, With the first systematic lowering of the Swiss lakes from 1868 to 1883, the site fell, Kant stated in the Critique of Pure Reason that Aristotle's theory of logic, Norman French became dominant among the new feudal aristocracy, especially in southern Scotland, and. One of the main staples of academic writing is the research paper. Her method might not succeed so completely in the hands of any one else. For the first time in her life, she wanted not to feel completely alone. If their roles were completely reversed. It was completely covered with vines, climbing roses and honeysuckles. And so the conception of the action of a man subject solely to the law of inevitability without any element of freedom is just as impossible as the conception of a man's completely free action. I ate dinner. (clxii. Remember that, the next time you make love to her. The relations between general theory and special studies conducted on the lines we have indicated have completely changed. Love was totally absent from his childhood. Parents must be completely aware about the kind of friends or company their children keep. The climate of the east coast is on the whole considerably more arctic than that of the west coast on corresponding latitudes; the land is much more completely snowcovered, and the snow-line goes considerably lower. In the course of a day, Gabe had gone from emotional to unaffected when discussing Death. The monster stirred when she was threatened, but had never awoken completely before. When I first paddled a boat on Walden, it was completely surrounded by thick and lofty pine and oak woods, and in some of its coves grape-vines had run over the trees next the water and formed bowers under which a boat could pass. CK 1 2218128 You're completely crazy. Sentence Rewriter is the best tool available online that will enhance your writing ability for free and make you able to earn more in the online field. It's inevitable that two people living in the same house are going to be at odds sometimes, but from now on I'll never feel completely safe. The total strength of the Ottoman army in 1904 was returned at 1,795,350 men all told, made up as follows: (1) Active (4 years' service) 230,408 (called), reserve (ikhtiat) 251,511 (called), total 481,919; (2) nizam (class I., completely trained) 237,026 (called); (3) redif (class II., not completely trained), from 21-29 years old, 585,846; from 30-38 years old, 391,563; total 977,4 0 9 (uncalled); (4) mustahfiz, trained 53,715 (called), untrained 40,286 (uncalled), total 94,001. anterior segments of the body, and have completely disappeared in Achaeta cameranoi. The intrigues of the French envoy in corrupting the knights of the order of St John were completely successful. The words are as follows: - " This letter I sent through Clement the blessed presbyter, a man virtuous and tried, whom ye know and will come to know completely, who being here by the providence and guidance of the Ruler of all strengthened and increased the church of the Lord.". It may open either forward or backwards; and although present in the great majority of the species, and enclosing the teats, it may, as in many of the opossums, be completely absent, when the teats extend in two rows along the whole length of the under-surface of the body. Front toes completely webbed; hallux very short or absent; feed chiefly on small aquatic invertebrates. The house was completely empty. Australia and Polynesia By 87, 000,000 392,000,000 170,000,000 1 43, 000,000 7,000,000 influence of climate, and by the development of trade even to inhabit countries which cannot yield a food-supply, the mass of mankind is still completely under the control of those conditions which in the past determined the distribution and the mode of life of the whole human race. the coast from 1 When Cisalpine Gaul became completely Romanized, it was often known as "Gallia Togata," while the Province was distinguished as "Gallia Bracata" (bracae, incorrectly braccae, " trousers"), from the long trousers worn by the inhabitants, and the rest of Gaul as "Gallia Comata," from the inhabitants wearing their hair long. completely; absolutely Examples of Utterly in a sentence Juliet was utterly in love with Romeo, completely captivated and willing to give her life if they couldn’t be together. Learn more. To what extent specific Babylonian influence showed itself in other directions is not completely known. A letter in one place might mean something completely different somewhere else, Tamer explained. The acetabulum is completely surrounded by these three bones, but its cup always retains an open foramen; from its posterior rim arises the strong antitrochanter. By this doctrine of Augustine's, the old millennarianism, though not completely extirpated, was at least banished from the official theology. Lana needed to complete her mission, even if she wasn't sure how to do it. The right and left halves are completely divided by septa, no mixture of the venous and arterial blood being possible, an advance upon reptilian conditions, even the highest. He had no intention of bringing Kris to meet Darkyn, not when he didn't know what Darkyn wanted. These trees were alive and apparently flourishing at midsummer, and many of them had grown a foot, though completely girdled; but after another winter such were without exception dead. It was the first time she had used his first name, and it came completely unbidden. Samoyedes, who are completely Tatarized, the Beltirs. At a later date other experimentalists found, however, that an equal thickness of sea-water interposed between a primary and secondary circuit completely prevented similar inductive intercommunication. Nobody wanted this to happen, but … The road now lay completely open, but the Austrian columns had so opened out owing to the state of the roads that the leading troops could not pursue their advantage - Dupont rallied and the Austrians had actually to fall back towards Ulm to procure food. It was not without secret satisfaction, therefore, that Prince Gorchakov watched the repeated defeats of the Austrian army in the Italian campaign of 1859, and he felt inclined to respond to the advances made to him by Napoleon III. They do not represent the opinions of Completely in a sentence. completely or absolutely Examples of Totally in a sentence Because the bomb left absolutely nothing left of the city it had been dropped on, the report said that the city had been totally destroyed. She had a weapon capable of destroying the immortal realm but had chosen not to unleash Xander completely, knowing what might happen if she did. I swear, sometimes I think he's completely against progress. Fully definition is - in a full manner or degree : completely. SENTENCE STRUCTURE CHECKER: It is a problem that can completely change the meaning of your article. Hind foot long and narrow, mainly composed of the strongly developed fourth toe, terminating in a conical pointed nail, with a strong pad behind it; the first toe represented by a rudimentary metatarsal; the remaining toes completely developed, with claws, but exceedingly slender; the united second and third reaching a little way beyond the metatarso-phalangeal articulation of the fourth; the fifth somewhat shorter. A portion of the outer wall has been recognized in a piece of primitive masonry discovered near the Odeum of Herodes Atticus; other traces will probably come to light when the northern and eastern slopes of the Acropolis have been completely explored. How to use fully in a sentence. is an independent clause. What would it be like to be around someone completely outside his control? He proves, by means of the six linear partial differential equations satisfied by the concomitants, that, if any concomitant be expanded in powers of xi, x 2, x 3, the point variables-and of u 8, u 2, u3, the contragredient line variables-it is completely determinate if its leading coefficient be known. But so long as Piedmont was not completely crushed none of the princes dared to take decisive measures against their subjects; in spite of Custozza, Charles Albert still had an army, and Austria, with revolutions in Vienna, Hungary and Bohemia on her hands, could not intervene. Pierre's confusion had now almost vanished, but at the same time he felt that his freedom had also completely gone. With the exception of the churches and a few stone buildings, Bulacan was completely destroyed by fire in 1898. Kepler's Problem, namely, that of finding the co-ordinates of a planet at a given time, which is equivalent - given the mean anomaly - to that of determining the true anomaly, was solved approximately by Kepler, and more completely by Wallis, Newton and others. Katie frowned. 4. After the war its activity was shown by an increasing number of assassinations, burnings and other outrages, until by 1875 it completely dominated the mining classes and forced a general strike in the coal regions. He was unable to completely give up on his hopes of marrying her.. Subsequently the Romans, when besieged in the Capitol by the Gauls, created him dictator; he completely defeated the enemy (but see Brennus and Rome: History, ii., "The Republic") and drove them from Roman territory. Though completely waterlogged and almost as heavy as lead, they not only burned long, but made a very hot fire; nay, I thought that they burned better for the soaking, as if the pitch, being confined by the water, burned longer, as in a lamp. This so exasperated him that he completely demolished its fortifications, although he seems to have spared the lives of the inhabitants as far as lay in his power. The muscle-fibres arise as processes from the bases of the epithelial cells; such cells may individually become sub-epithelial in position, as in the polyp; or, in places where muscular tissue is greatly developed, as in the velum or sub-umbrella, the entire muscular epithelium may be thrown into folds in order to increase its surface, so that a deeper sub-epithelial muscular layer becomes separated completely from a more superficial bodyepithelium. He felt completely depleted of his power, the sense of being fully human again returning. If her look portrayed honesty, Dean's statement caught her completely off balance. We may then completely dismiss the notion of there being any studied secrecy in connexion with the early Christian cemeteries, and proceed to inquire into the mode of their formation. Death had been far from co-dependent, and he'd had free rein. CK 1 2273086 Tom is completely sober. completely definition: 1. in every way or as much as possible: 2. in every way or as much as possible: . By this time he had completely lost the royal favour. There's a chance the offer for the mine was completely innocent—simply someone who was legitimately interested in The Lucky Pup and then changed his mind. Cartwright and Edmund Snape were ministers there; and from 1576 to 1625 a completely appointed Presbyterian Church existed, under the rule of synods, and authorized by the governor. Like so many lemurs, it is completely nocturnal in its habits, living either alone or in pairs, chiefly in the bamboo forests. Then, it is true, two lateral points of ossification appear at the margin, but subsequently the remaining three are developed, and when once formed they grow with much greater rapidity than in the fowl, so that by the time the young duck is quite independent of its parents, and can shift for itself, the whole sternum is completely bony. Instead of clearing away to allow them passage, it stayed where it was, obstructing them. While she didn't shake her distraction completely, she was at least engaged. I have never connected so completely with anyone before. Completely. Deidre emerged into the living room and turned around once completely, not expecting the views of the city from the bank of windows along one wall. Owing to a fire which gutted a great part of the palace in 1574, the internal appearance of the rooms was completely changed, and the fine series of early Paduan and Venetian paintings which decorated the walls of the chief rooms was lost. Roman armies began to enter it about 218 B.C. They'd be completely cut off from either deity in the underworld. of Aragon, whose wife Constance was a daughter of Manfred, arrived in Sicily, and a Sicilian-Catalan fleet under the Calabrese admiral, Ruggiero di Lauria, completely destroyed that of Charles. Still the conflict continued, but at last La Palisse, with all the gendarmerie still in hand, rode completely round the entrenchments and charged the Spaniards' rear again. Everything will be completely painless from here on out. But in Aplysia the mantle is reflected over the edge of the shell, and grows over its upper surface so as to completely enclose it, excepting at the small central area s where the naked shell is exposed. The greatest masters of the time executed portraits of him, Lysippus in sculpture, Apelles in painting and Pyrgoteles in graven gems. Unfortunately the prince sent Massenbach to discuss the situation, and the latter completely lost his head. As a general rule, no man can be completely dissevered from his national antecedents and 1 See Diihring, Kritische Ges. Instantly he was awake - not simply sitting there with his eyes open, but completely awake. At last Artabanus defeated his rival completely and occupied Ctesiphon; Vonones fled to Armenia, where he was acknowledged as king, under the protection of the Romans. I completely disagree with you. The city was founded in 1736, but was completely destroyed by fire in 1832. The resistance was insignificant, and the operations were completely successful. Brad came to dinner with us. Of the other works, never yet completely edited, the best editions are, for the Heptameron, Leroux de Lincy (1855); for the Lettres, Genin (1841-1842); and for the Marguerites, &c., Frank (1873), English translations of the Heptameron are rather numerous: one appeared in 1887 by A. The present church of the Holy Sepulchre stands on the site upon which one of the churches of Constantine was built, but the second church, the Basilica of the Cross, has completely disappeared. The doctor says he should recover completely, though. The chill of it completely awakened him. Thirtysix more were completely organized by 1560.1 According to Beza there were about this time 2150 organized churches. A few more minutes - let him get completely relaxed. When it'd finished, she felt little pain, and the heat was completely gone. (Lankester.) Blaming herself for taking his mind off of their survival, she fell silent and followed him. Of course, Jenn herself wasn't completely off the hook. From this time, with the exception of brief intervals, his mind was completely clouded, and the duties of government were undertaken by his brother William (afterwards emperor), who on the 7th of October 1858 was formally recognized as regent. Thus the confederation of Bar, and the Turkish War thereupon ensuing, took him completely by surprise and considerably weakened his position. Internal troubles prevented them from availing themselves completely of their victory. The scales showed seven pounds less, he was eating baskets of fruit and goody-goody health food, plus he'd laid off the booze completely. My dear half-brother Erik went into hiding and hasn't been seen in weeks, leaving his part of the world completely exposed. A military and republican rising took place here in August 1883, but completely failed. In old days New Mexico was the home of a breed of hairless cats, said to have been kept by the ancient Aztecs, but now well-nigh if not completely extinct. 2.) The material thus accumulated, both halakhic and agadic, forming a commentary on and amplification of the Mishnah, was eventually written down under the name of Gemara (from gemar, to learn completely), the two together forming the Talmud (properly "instruction"). Only after the public grew weary of this did printers go off in search of completely new books, called novels to mark their newness. He needed an ally, but it wasn't Kris. Thus in the end of the 17th century the seed was sown which has at intervals brought forth recurrent crops of evolutional hypotheses, based, more or less completely, on general reasonings. complete. 270+73 sentence examples: 1. In correspondence with the tri-regional differentiation of the body in its external configuration, the coelom (body-cavity, perivisceral cavity) is divided into three portions completely separated from one another by septa: - (I) proboscis-coelom, or first body-cavity; (2) the collar-coelom, or second body-cavity; (3) truncal coelom, or third body-cavity. Katie shook her head. The operation was, however, completely revolutionized in the United States by the introduction of the " cracking process," and by the division of the distillation into two parts, one consisting in the removal of the more volatile constituents of the oil, and the other in the distillation (which is usually conducted in separate stills) of the residues from the first distillation, for the production of lubricating oils and paraffin. In Crania it is completely shut off from the main coelom, but in Lingula it communicates freely with this cavity. the tissueo are completely formed much nearer to the apex, than is the case in the stem. The Phaleric wall, proving indefensible, was abandoned towards the close of the Peloponnesian war; with the other two walls it was completely destroyed after the surrender of the city, and was not rebuilt when they were restored by Conon in 393 B.C. Dom Pedro, completely broken down by the ingratitude of the people whom he had loved so much and laboured for so strenuously, made no attempt at resistance. Its upper side is always covered by the spider with pieces of the vegetation growing hard by, so that, when the door is closed, the position of the burrow is completely concealed. 2. All Rights Reserved. We all agreed; it was a magnificent evening. I am totally upset you can't make it to the celebration. By this time, moreover, the liturgical character of the vestments was so completely established that they were no longer worn instead of, but over, the ordinary dress. Daniela didn't seem completely insane, but who else said things like that? The Delian confederacy lay completely under Athenian control, and the points of strategic importance were largely held by cleruchies (q.v. - Towards the close of the 15th century Venetian architecture began to feel the influence of the classical revival; but, lying far from Rome and retaining still her connexion with the East, Venice did not fall under the sway of the classical ideals either so quickly or so completely as most Italian cities. Wolfert was completely done over. completely (adv): in every way or as much as possibleUse 'completely' in a sentence I trust him completely. completely in a sentence Social life is completely missing in city. Pectinibranchia.-In this order there is no longer any trace of bilateral symmetry in the circulatory, respiratory and excretory organs, the topographically right half of the pallial complex having completely disappeared, except the right kidney, which is FIG. I know you're upset, and I completely understand. The sculptures of the pediments have been completely lost, but their design has been ingeniously reconstructed by Sauer. If your father falls completely to the madness, your people will suffer more than they do now. She completely abandoned her Tuesdays at home, and did not return the visits of those who had called upon her. In 121 B.C. In the first, which are called ectotropic, the fungal filaments form a thick felt or sheath round the root, either completely enclosing it or leaving the apex free. The soldier is completely, totally loyal to his commander, and he would not betray him or … Had Alex written off marriage completely? Appendages of 2nd pair very large and completely chelate, their basal segments meeting in the middle line, as in the Uropygi, and provided in front with membranous lip-like processes underlying the proboscis. The fire had died down, and someone had turned off the light to her bathroom, rendering the room completely dark. She leaned into his kiss, completely surrendering to the arms that surrounded her. You can change your life if you want to. I thought you did at first and I'll admit, I'm not completely certain things might not break bad, but for now, I'm fine. To study the laws of history we must completely change the subject of our observation, must leave aside kings, ministers, and generals, and study the common, infinitesimally small elements by which the masses are moved. A bar of soft iron introduced into the coil is at once magnetized, the magnetism, however, disappearing almost completely as soon as the current ceases to flow. It is not uncommon to find once cultivated fields abandoned because of their ravages and to see large campos completely covered with enormous ant-hills. Jessi fumbled with the lobster clasp on the black cord necklace, completely shaken by his size and heat. The output from our paraphrasing tool as paraphrased content would be completely free of plagiarism. This opisthodomus was completely fenced in with bronze gratings; and the excavators believe it to have been adapted for use as an adytum (shrine). TRACHIS, a city of ancient Greece, situated at the head of the Malian Gulf in a small plain between the rivers Asopus and Melas, and enclosed by the mountain wall of Oeta which here extended close to the sea and by means of the Trachinian Cliffs completely commanded the main road from Thessaly. The clause, John is sitting in is a dependent clause, unable to sit on its own. Until the country had completely recovered from the exhaustion of the Crimean War the government remained in the back ground of European politics.

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